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2015 Year 7 Enrolment information

The outcome of Year 7 selective high school placement in 2015 was sent to applicants on 4 July 2014 by the High Performing Students Unit.

If you have accepted a position at Girraween High School, an enrolment form will be posted out to you by the end of Term 3.

Orientation Day will be held on Wednesday 3rd December. More information will be provided closer to the date.


Travel Information

Our school is serviced by 2 main bus companies and is a 15 minute walk from Pendle Hill train station.

Free travel is provided by the School Student Transport Scheme (SSTS). It can only be used for:

  • Travel between home and the school campus at which the student is enrolled, and
  • Approved travel, Monday to Friday on school days.

To be eligible for the scheme an applicant must be a secondary student (Year 7-12) who lives more than 2 kms (radial distance) from school, or 2.9 kms or more by the most direct practical walking route to the nearest entry point to the school.

For more information click here


For timetables and routes please click on the links below

Transport NSW Trip Planner


Transit Systems



Entry to Year 7 in 2016

Application for entry to a selective high school in Year 7 in 2016 will open on 14 October, 2014 online only, through the Unit's website. Applications close on 17 November 2014. No late applications will be accepted.


2015 Year 8-11 Enrolment Applications have now closed

* No late applications will be accepted.

 Outcomes will be posted to all applicants by the end of this term.


Key Dates
Dates for Year 8-11 2015 entry


24 June
  • Application packages available from selective high schools, school education offices and on the internet.
  • Application and assessment requirements are specific to each school. Please refer below to Girraween High School's requirements.
29 July
  • Closing date for completed application forms with payment of $100 to be returned to Girraween High School.
  • No late applications will be accepted.
  • A separate application form must be submitted to each school you are applying for in the following year.
  • The order of preference is to be the same on all applications.
 9th August
  •  HAST Test 9am
  • Selection committees meet and consider applications.
  • Outcome advice sent to applicants.

Applications for Years 8 to 11 entries to this high school in 2015 are invited from 24 June 2014.

Application forms will be available from our school or can be downloaded from the High Performing Students Unit website http://www.schools.nsw.edu.au/learning/7-12assessments/selective8_12.php from 24 June 2014.

Applications and payment must be received by 29 July 2014. No late applications will be accepted.

Students must compete academically with all other candidates for entry to Girraween High School.

In determining academic merit, the selection committee will consider:

  • the results of the entry test
  • the application with its supporting documentation
  • any other information supplied by the candidate

In exceptional circumstances any student unable to sit the entry test may still apply with supporting documentation and the application will be considered. An administration fee of $40 will be payable.

Traditionally, only a few places become available at Girraween High School in Years 8–10.

In Year 11 a new class is formed enabling 20 new students to be enrolled. It is highly unusual for a place to become available in Year 12 and will only be considered if a place becomes available before Term 4 the previous year.

You are entitled to apply for entry up to a maximum of 4 selective high schools. Each high school must receive their own application form and the order of preference must be listed the same on all application forms. If the test date is the same, the student is to sit the test at their first preference school.

Girraween High School shares results with North Sydney Girls, Hornsby Girls and Manly Selective High Schools.

Note: Students CANNOT automatically transfer between selective high schools. If a student is already enrolled at one selective high school and wants to go to another, the parents must fill out an application form for entry and lodge it directly with the selective high school they want their child to attend and follow their application procedures.

For details of our school’s enrolment policy please click here.

Application Process

1. The Application Forms are available 24 June 2014 from:

2. Follow the instructions to complete the application form and attach relevant supporting documents, including:

  • Photocopies of the student’s last two school reports eg. 2014 Half Yearly report (if not available by due date, please post, fax or email to the school asap) and 2013 End of Year Report
  • Photocopies of NAPLAN results
  • Photocopies of the student’s achievements in other activities that may support the application. This might include activities such as music, debating, sport and drama

3. Hand deliver or post the completed application form with payment of $100 to Girraween High School. Payments can be made by cash, cheque, EFTPOS, MasterCard or Visa. Cheques are to be made payable to Girraween High School.

4. Students will be required to sit for the Higher Ability Selection Test (HAST) on Saturday 9th August 2014 commencing 9am.

The test focuses on Reading Comprehension, Written Expression, Mathematical Reasoning and Abstract Reasoning.

For information regarding the test, for example

  • what the candidate should bring on the day
  • how to use the OMR answer sheet
  • test taking tips
  • descriptions of each of the tests
  • and sample items

please download a copy of the Candidate Information Bulletin here http://www.acer.edu.au/files/HAST_CIB_2014_4_Test_R_W_M_A.pdf

A HAST Sample Question Booklet has been developed in response to candidates wanting to know what the actual test is like. Students interested in purchasing this Question Booklet, which is suitable for Years 7 & 8, please visit http://www.acer.edu.au/tests/hast-secondary/hast-sample-question-booklet or click on the following link for the order form https://shop.acer.edu.au/acer-shop/product/A100HAS.

There is no specific sample question booklet for Years 9 - 11; however ACER bookshop has advised us that the ACER Scholarship exam is very similar to HAST is an option. https://shop.acer.edu.au/acer-shop/group/AST. The ‘Sample Collection of Questions Vol 2’ booklet includes a section for Junior, Middle and Senior Secondary levels however they do not include Abstract Reasoning.

For further information about these tests please contact ACER

Phone:  1800 338 402

              03 9277 5447

Fax:       03 9277 5499

Email:   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


General Information For All Candidates 8 - 11

Photograph Identification of the candidate must be presented at the time of the examination.

The administration fee pays for the setting and marking of the test by ACER and for the supervision on the day.

The student's performance in the test and the written application will be considered by the selection committee and will determine the applicant's placement on a short waiting list for enrolment.

(NB. At Girraween High School, few vacancies occur in Years 8 -10.) Parents and students need to be aware that placement on the waiting list is not a guarantee of enrolment.

Applicants will be informed in writing of the outcome of their application and interviews will be held in term 4 to confirm enrolment.

As vacancies become available, the Principal or representative may consider inviting applicants from the waiting list for interview. Originals of all documents submitted with the application are to be presented. The Principal will then determine if an offer is to be made.



Candidates are normally Australian citizens or holders of a visa granting permanent resident status in Australia. Information on Australian citizenship is available on the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs website at: www.citizenship.gov.au. Official evidence of Australian citizenship may be obtained by the issue of a Certificate of Evidence of Australian Citizenship.

Citizens of New Zealand who are permanently settled in Australia are eligible for entry. Permanent residents of New Zealand are treated in the same manner as temporary residents of Australia.

All successful applicants will be required to show original documentation such as a Certificate of Evidence of Australian Citizenship, birth certificates or visas before enrolment can be finalised by the school.

Offers or enrolments may be terminated if placement is made on the basis of false or misleading information.

Further details of residence requirements can be found at http://www.schools.nsw.edu.au/learning/7-12assessments/ss_criteria.php

Proof of residence status (original documents) will be required before enrolment is confirmed.



Entry to Years 7 in 2015
For more information please go to the High Performing Students Unit website.
Key dates for entry to Year 7 in 2015
Date Activity
15 October 2013 Online application opens
22 October 2013 Paper application packages available in schools
18 November 2013 Paper applications returned to schools
18 November 2013 Application closes
27 February 2014 Test centre advice to parents
13 March 2014 Selective High School Placement Test
July 2014 Outcome advice
High Performing Students Unit has relocated
The High Performing Students Unit (formerly the Selective High School and Opportunity Class Placement Unit) has relocated premises. The Unit's new telephone number is 1300 880 367 or you may email your enquiry to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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